Adaptive Leadership Australia develops and delivers distinctive leadership programs that change the way people think and work together when dealing with the most complex and challenging issues in their organisations and in Australian society.

We empower individuals to create organisational and social change by helping them develop a strong sense of leadership purpose, responsibility beyond their authority, and the skills, capacity and resilience to operate and thrive in challenging and uncertain environments.

We foster critical thinking, the courage to speak plainly in the face of complexity, and the capacity to accept vulnerability whilst building personal authority.

Our innovative work helps build collaborative partnerships across business, government and not-for-profit sectors.

We help people find stillness in the chaos of exercising leadership.

“The way in which the program was structured and facilitated was masterful, designed to keep both individuals and the group as a whole at our learning edge.”

Laura Harris
Peer Services Officer
Australia Council for the Arts

“Adaptive Leadership has been, and I suspect will remain, the most valuable thing I could have done in my development journey.”

Heather Chaffey
Manager Sustainable Communities
Wentworth Community Housing

“The delivery style did more than facilitate, it helped to nurture the courage for me to really dig deep and see what was underneath the waterline.”

Eugene McGarrell
General Manager Health & Community Engagement

“My collaborative skills were significantly improved as a result and have become a core element of my work and my self awareness…”

Clare Babbage
Senior Consultant

“I have learned: To trust myself, to listen to others, to learn from mistakes, to diagnose systems, to mentor and be mentored, to relish leaving the comfort zone and cherish getting back, to be more grateful and patient, to open more doors.”

Chris Zinn
Consumer Campaigner

“As program leaders, facilitators, educators and individual coaches, the Adaptive Leadership Australia Team brought my learning to life.”

Miranda Shaw
General Manager
Community Health Services & the Sydney Health Care Interpreter Service
Sydney Local Health District

“During the programme I gained a number of deep insights, the sorts that once seen, can't be unseen; and which genuinely changed my view of myself, of others, and of the world around me.”

Brett Andersen
General Manager Tax/Pacific National

Our Programs

Principles and Practice of Adaptive Leadership

A 2-day program introducing the theory and skills of Adaptive Leadership to enhance working in complex systems

Art and Practice of Collaboration

A 2-day program to overcome the derailers of collaboration and harness collective capability

Inclusion and Working with Diversity

A 2-day program to address the unspoken complexity of diversity and create new ways of working across difference

Working with Conflict

A 2-day program, to build sustainable strategies and skills for managing conflict effectively

Reactivate Your Learning

A 2-day program for alumni of Adaptive Leadership programs to refresh and extend learning

Australian Adaptive Leadership Program

Our flagship program, 11-days in 2-3 day modules, embedding learning in a complex social issue and including 3-day residential Canberra.

Community of Practice

A series of communities of practice for those working in specific sectors such as the Arts, Health, and Education


One-on-one coaching with an Adaptive Leadership coach to support and sustain your adaptive work

Thriving Adaptive Cultures

A customised program to embed adaptive practices in you, your team, and your organisation and build a culture that embraces change