World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day 2018

In our leadership development work we have the privilege to connect with inspiring people who seek to further develop their leadership capacity for social impact.

Tim Heffernan is one of them. A Peer Coordinator with COORDINARE, the South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network, Consumer Peer Worker with the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District and member of the Community Advisory Council with the Mental Health Commission of NSW.

Tim is also an award winning writer and a poet.

In recognition and support of World Mental Heath Day and the 1 in 5 Australian people who experience mental illness in any year; in honour of people like Tim, who lead in Mental Health roles, we share one of Tim’s poems and this link to Madness and the Shapes it Speaks – 2018 Wollongong Writers Festival

on the ladder

the first writing ended in madness, but for twenty years the words stayed in your head trying to find shapes that would speak. this time you return to drafts of delusion, but the draughts of delusion return you to this time. on the ladder you think of what to write, the second coming. at that precise moment the words, the music and the man meld. meaning meets you and you understand the pulse of the place, the beating of hearts, the chorus of uncertainty, the construction from nothing, the coming back to fix the temple, the houses of sticks, the clutching of straws, the building with beaks. sometimes when the writing is good and the music is too it is like you are wired. as you listen, the melody, the lyric, prompts you, supports you, sings your sentence and the breeze pushes you, gives you direction, tells you which way to go, which path to follow. the breeze breathes.

Published in Time, Spineless Wonders, 2018